Khulna University Subject List and Seats (Updated)

Khulna University (Bengali: খুলনা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়), commonly referred to as KU is a public university located at Khulna, Bangladesh. It was established in 1991. There are 8 schools and 29 disciplines under these schools. The most promising characteristic of this university is that it is free from student politics. No session jam in academic activities.

Khulna University Subject List is the most important factor while a student wants to compare the subjects of different public universities. Here we have provided the subject list of Khulna University. If you want to get admit yourself to Khulna University, this list will be helpful for you.

Khulna University Subject List Faculty wise

Serial NoDepartment NameFaculty/School Name
1ArchitectureScience, Engineering & Technology School
2Computer Science & EngineeringScience, Engineering & Technology School
3Urban and Rural PlanningScience, Engineering & Technology School
4Electronics and Communication Engineering Science, Engineering & Technology School
5Mathematics Science, Engineering & Technology School
6Physics Science, Engineering & Technology School
7Chemistry Science, Engineering & Technology School
8Statistics Science, Engineering & Technology School
9EnglishArts & Humanities School
10BanglaArts & Humanities School
11History and CivilizationArts & Humanities School
12Business AdministrationManagement & Business Administration School
13Human Resource ManagementManagement & Business Administration School
14EconomicsSocial Science School
15SociologySocial Science School
16Development StudiesSocial Science School
17Mass Communication & JournalismSocial Science School
18Forestry & Wood TechnologyLife Science School
19Fisheries & Marine Resource TechnologyLife Science School
20Biotechnology & Genetic EngineeringLife Science School
21AgrotechnologyLife Science School
22Environmental ScienceLife Science School
23PharmacyLife Science School
24Soil, Water and EnvironmentLife Science School
25LawLaw School
26Drawing and PaintingFine Arts School
27PrintmakingFine Arts School
28SculptureFine Arts School
29Institute of Education and ResearchEducation School

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KU Subject List

For the easy management of admission tests, all subjects of Khulna University are divided into 4 units. Each of the units takes the admission test separately. Below we have provided Khulna University with all unit details:

Khulna University KA Unit Subject List

Khulna University- KU KA unit is associated with the Science, Engineering & Technology and Life Science School. This unit’s subjects are

Serial NoSubject NameCourse DurationNumber of Seats
1Architecture5 Years35
2Computer Science & Engineering4 Years38
3Electronics and Communication Engineering 4 Years35
4Urban and Rural Planning4 Years38
5Mathematics 4 Years58
6Physics 4 Years45
7Chemistry 4 Years45
8Statistics 4 Years38
9Agrotechnology4 Years43
10Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering4 Years38
11Environmental Science4 Years58
12Fisheries & Marine Resource Technology4 Years43
13Forestry & Wood Technology4 Years43
14Pharmacy4 Years43
15Soil, Water and Environment4 Years43

Khulna University KHA Unit Subject List

Arts and Humanities, Social Science, Law, and Education Schools manage the KHA Unit of Khulna University. There is a total of 9 subjects in this unit. The subjects are

Serial NoSubject NameCourse DurationNumber of Seats
1English4 Years55
2Bangla4 Years55
3History and Civilization4 Years38
4Economics4 Years43
5Sociology4 Years48
6Development Studies4 Years43
7Mass Communication & Journalism4 Years38
8Law4 Years38
9Institute of Education and Research4 Years23

Khulna University GA Unit Subject List

GA Unit deals with the Management & Business Administration School. There is some demandable subject here. Business Administration and Human Resource Management are the subjects in this unit. All the subject details of the GA Unit are given below:

Serial NoSubject NameCourse DurationNumber of Seats
1Business Administration4 Years53
2Human Resource Management4 Years38

Khulna University GHA Unit Subject List

Khulna University- KU GHA unit is associated with the Fine Arts School. This unit’s subjects are:

Serial NoSubject NameCourse DurationNumber of Seats
1Drawing and Painting4 Years18
2Printmaking4 Years18
3Sculpture4 Years18

Khulna University Subject Choice

This is all about the Subjects of Khulna University. We keep close eyes on official notices and their websites which are https://ku.ac.bd/. If they update their seat number or add any subject to the new curriculum, we will add it here. That’s all. Well wishes for the next Khulna University admission.

Admission Information

Khulna University
Khulna-9208, Bangladesh
Phone: +88-041-751040
PABX: 751013
Fax : +88-041-751038
Email: [email protected]
Website : https://ku.ac.bd/

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