BRAC University Tuition Fees

BRAC University Tuition Fees 2022

Brac University (BracU) established in 2001 is located in Dhaka Bangladesh. BracU follows a liberal arts approach to education which nurtures fresh ideas and gives new impetus to the field of tertiary education. It ensures a high quality of education and aims to meet the demands of contemporary times. Building on BRAC’s experience of seeking solutions to challenges posed by extreme poverty, BracU hopes to instill in its students a commitment to working towards national development and progress. The medium of instruction and examination at Brac University is English. BracU is accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh.

Fees for Undergraduate Students

Enrolling is the process of registering for the courses students intend to study for a particular semester. After admission, students will enroll in courses based on the courses offered by the university.

The university offers the following courses for undergraduate students in addition to General Education (GenEd) courses.

BRAC University Admission Fee

Admission Application Fee Tk. 1,500/-  [Through bKash, Dhaka Bank Ltd, One Bank Ltd, Southeast Bank Ltd, Brac Bank Ltd, Prime Bank Ltd.]

Fee Structure* (Non-refundable)

Particulars PHRARC and CSEOther Programs Note
Admission FeeTk. 28,000/-Tk. 28,000/-Tk. 28,000/-One time
Course FeeTk. 39,600/-Tk. 39,600/-Tk. 39,600/-For 02 courses
Semester FeeTk. 11,000/-Tk. 7,700/-Tk. 7,700/-
Studio lab Fee/
CSE lab Fee
Tk. 2,750/-
Membership Fee
Tk. 2,000/-Tk. 2,000/-Tk. 2,000/-One time
TotalTk. 80,600/-Tk. 80,050/-Tk. 77,300/-


  • Tuition Fee per credit: 6,600/=
  • ARC Studio Fee per credit: 7,200/=

Freshman Course Offerings:

On the basis of the admission test results, a student will have to take one or more of the following courses:

a. ENG 101 (Credit course)
b. ENG 102 (Credit course)
c. ENG 091 (Non credit course)
d. MAT 091 (Non credit course)
e. MAT 092 (Non credit course)

The exact number of course(s) a student is required to take will be shown against each name of the student in the test result.

Initial admission fee includes a fee of Tk. 39,600 for two courses. Any additional course up to a maximum of four (4) in total, will incur a fee of Tk. 19,800 for each subsequent course.

A student taking two non-credit courses will not be allowed to take any additional course(s).

*Fees can be changed as per the decision of the university


  • B.Arch Studio Fee per Credit  Tk. 7,200
  • Tution Fee per Credit  Tk. 6,600


Make-up Examination Fee:BDT 2,500/=
Scholarship Form Fee:   BDT 400/=
Residential Semester Fee:BDT 57,500/=
Department Change FeeBDT 5,000/=
Degree Processing Fee:BDT 7,000/=
Convocation Gown Fee:
(refundable after return of gown)
BDT 3,000/=
Semester Fee (Pharmacy):   BDT 11,000/=
Semester Fee (Other Departments)BDT 7,700/=
Transfer CertificateBDT 500/=
Migration CertificateBDT 500/=
Attestation of Documents (Per Copy)BDT 200/=
Sealed Envelope (Per Envelope)BDT 200/=
Transcript (For Emergency)BDT 800/=
Provisional Certificate FeeBDT 1000/=
Emergency  Provisional Certificate Fee (Degree must be approved)BDT 2500/=

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Fees for Postgraduate Students*

 Fresher Enrollment Fees
 Admission Fee (Non- Refundable)    Tk. 25,000 (One Time)
 Tuition Fee per credit
 For EMBA/MBM   Tk. 6,500
 For All Other Programs    Tk. 6,000
 Semester Fee
 Fee Per Semester (IT facility, Library, Student Activities)    Tk. 7,000

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Mode of Payment:

For Foreign Students
Account Name: Brac University (Collection A/C)
Account Number: 1501200132106002
Bank Name: BRAC Bank Ltd.
Bank Address: 1, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212
For Local Students
BRAC Bank Ltd. (Any Branch Except Agent Banking)
Dhaka Bank Ltd. (Any Branch)
IFIC Bank Ltd. (Mohakhali Branch)
ONE Bank Ltd. (Any Branch)
Southeast Bank Ltd. (Any Branch)
Prime Bank Limited (Any Branch)

Fees for Foreign Students*

Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)    US$ 400
Semester Fee (IT facility, Library, Student Activities) As for local students’ fees
Tuition Fee per credit (For Developed countries)    Double of local students’ fees
Tuition Fee per credit (For Developing and SAARC countries)    As for local students’ fees

Fees for Visiting Student (Undergraduate)*

Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)    Tk. 14,000
Semester Fee (IT facility, Library, Student Activities)   Same as local students fees.
Tuition Fee (Per credit)    Tk. 6,600

Fees for Visiting Student (Postgraduate)*

Admission Fee (Non-Refundable)    Tk. 12,500
Semester Fee (IT facility, Library, Student Activities)   Same as local students fees.
Tuition Fee (Per credit)    Tk. 6,000

*May increase with a notice before a semester

Contact info of BRAC University
Information Desk
Ground Floor (Building No.1)
BRAC University
66 Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212
Phone: 984-4051-4 Extension. 4003, 4004
985-3948, 985-3949
RanksTel: 09617445006
Fax: 88-02-5881-0383
Email: [email protected]

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