Prize Bond Draw Result

107th Prize Bond Draw Result 2022 Bangladesh Bank

Prize Bond Draw 2022. 107th Prize Bond Draw Result of Bangladesh Bank has been announced by Bangladesh Bank authority on 08 May 2022. BB Prize Bond Draw Result 2022 details information found here. 107th BB Prize Bond Draw Result 2022 related all information will be found on our website at & Bangladesh Bank official website.

Prize Bond Draw 2022

What is Prize Bond ?

To increase money-saving tendency, The Department of National Savings launched prize bond named “Bangladesh Prize Bond” in 1972. Prize bond is also called Lottery Bond. Any people can buy a Prize Bond lottery ticket. This Lottery ticket is not that type of lottery, which type of Lottery the ‘Kriya Unnayan Tahabil’ used to sell on market with the title ” jodi laigga jay”!!! One person can easily transfer the prize bond into money anytime, transferring & buying both can be done on all the Bangladesh Bank cash office, commercial bank, and also from the Post Office.

What is the prize bond draw 2022 schedule?

Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Draw result held on the following dates 31st January, 30th April, 30th July, and 31st October each year. Each series has 1000000 prize bonds and there are about 68 series. If a prize bond number wins, all prize bonds having that number in every series also win.

When was the last prize bond draw 2022 held?

107th prize bond draw 2022 was the last prize bond draw held on 08 May 2022.

Prize Bond Bangladesh Bank Draw Result 2022

BDT. 100 Prize Bond Divided into various categories series will be given to the winning prize bondholders. The whole 65 series will be presented and all series have the same prize. All series have 1st to 5th and presently prizes.  Every series has 46 prizes. The total number of prizes is 3128. The claims for prizes can be lodged within two years after the draw. 20% tax will be deducted from the prize bond prize money.

Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond 2022

You can buy this 100 taka prize bond in any bank in Bangladesh. The result of the 100 taka prize bond is published every three months through BB (Bangladesh Banik). There is a total of 05 prizes are waiting for you. What the prizes are? In addition, The list of the five prizes are below:

  • 1st Prize of Prize Bond: 6 Lac for each series (01 people)
  • 2nd Prize of Prize Bond: 3 Lac & 25 Thousand for each series (01 people)
  • 3rd Prize of Prize Bond: 1 Lac for each series (02 people)
  • 4th Prize of Prize Bond: 50 Thousand for each series (02 people)
  • 5th Prize of Prize Bond: 10 Thousand for each series (40 people)

Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Result 2022

Every prize bond result is published in 03 months. So you have to wait for a prize bond result maximum of three months. But today is the day of publishing the 107th prize bond result in Bangladesh. After publishing the 100 taka prize bond result, we have uploaded a pdf file of this result here. So share this post to easily check your prize bond result BD.

How to Check BB Prize Bond Result 2022?

You can check this 100 taka prize bond result from the official website of Bangladesh Bank online. To get this result online you have to follow some instructions. Now we will show you the 107th 100 taka lottery checking methods here. Previous prize bond draw results are also available in this popular web portal So, previous prize bond draw results can also be checked from this website.

Prize Bond Search Page:

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Bangladesh Bank at
  • You can search single or multiple numbers at a time. For a single number, please type the number only (not series) and then click the search button.
  • For multiple numbers, if you have numbers serially, then you can search all your numbers by simply typing as 1st number ~ last number. e.g. 0012345~0012349
  • Or if you have multiple prize bonds which are not organized serially, then you have to type all numbers separated by comma (,) e.g. 0030401, 0123901, 1234708.
  • Or you can type numbers as 0012345~0012349, 0030401, 0123901, 1234708.

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