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JU Subject List | Jahangirnagar University All Unit Subject List

JU Subject List | Jahangirnagar University accustomed as a fully residential public university established in 1970 has now 36 departments and Six Faculties along with Four institutes, with added than fifteen thousand students, and about Five hundred academics adherent to teaching and research.

Jahangirnagar University Subject List is the most important factor while a student wants to compare the subjects of different public universities. Here we have provided the subject list of Jahangirnagar University. If you want to get admit yourself to the JU, this list will be helpful for you.

JU Subject List 2022

1. Faculty of Arts & Humanities

2. Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences

3. Faculty of Social Sciences

4. Faculty of Biological Sciences

5. Faculty of Business Studies

6. Faculty of Law

Jahangirnagar University All Unit Subject List

For the easy management of admission tests, all subjects of Jahangirnagar University are divided into 5 units. Each of the units takes the admission test separately. Below we have provided Jahangirnagar University with all unit details:

Newly Named UnitPrevious UnitsSeats
A UnitA Unit (Mathematical and Physical Sciences Faculty)
H Unit (Institute of Information Technology- IIT)
B UnitB Unit (Social Science Faculty)
F Unit (Law Faculty)
C UnitC Unit (Arts and Humanities Faculty)
C1 Unit (Drama & Dramatics, Fine Art)
I Unit (Bangabandhu Comparative Literature and Culture)
D UnitD Unit (Biological Science Faculty)367
E UnitE Unit (Business Studies Faculty)
G Unit (Institute of Business Administration – IBA JU)

JU A Unit Subject List

Jahangirnagar University- JU A unit is associated with the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and Institute of Information Technology. This unit’s subjects are

SubjectNumber of Seats
Geological Sciences40
Computer Science and Engineering50
Environmental Sciences40
Information and Communication Technology56

JU B Unit Subject List

Social Science and Law Faculty managed the B Unit of Jahangirnagar University. There is a total of 7 subjects in this unit. The subjects are

SubjectNumber of Seats
Geography & Environment60
Government & Politics66
Urban & Regional Planning40
Public Administration50
Law & Justice60

Jahangirnagar University C Unit Subject List

C Unit deals with the faculty of Arts and Humanities and Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture. There is some demandable subject here. Like IR, Journalism and Philosophy are the top subjects in this unit. All the subjects of the C Unit are given below.

SubjectNumber of Seats
Drama & Dramatics26
International Relations70
Journalism and Media Studies60
Fine Art35
Bangabandhu Comparative Literature and Culture30

JU C1 Unit Subject List:

This Unit does not exist from the 2021-22 academic year.

JU D Unit Subject List

Jahangirnagar University D unit is associated with the Faculty of Biological Science. This unit’s subjects are

SubjectNumber of Seats
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology60
Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering24
Public Health and Informatics40

JU E Unit Subject List

E Unit deals with the faculty of Business Studies and Institute of Business Administration, (IBA-JU). All the subjects of the E Unit are given below

SubjectNumber of Seats
Finance & Banking50
Accounting and Information Systems50
Management Studies50

JU F G H I Unit Subject List

These Units do not exist from the 2021-22 academic year.

JU Subject Choice

This is all about the Subjects of Jahangirnagar University. We keep close eyes on official notices and their websites which are https://juniv.edu/. If they update their seat number or add any subject to the new curriculum, we will add it here. That’s all. Well wishes for the next Jahangirnagar University admission.

Admission Information

Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.

(Office Hour: 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM,   Days: Sunday to Thursday,   Closed: Friday and Saturday)

——————(Saturdays through Thursdays)————————–

Phone      : 02224491040 (Off.)
Fax          : 02224491052
PABX      : 02224491045-51; Ext.- 1204 (Off.)

E-mail   : [email protected] or [email protected]

Website : www.juniv.edu

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